Terms and conditions


With purchasing the ticket for event SMILE LJUBLJANA also (SMILE) I declare, based on my personal voluntary decision, that I agree with the following terms stated by the organizer of the event SMILE. I agree and consent: That the event can cause heightened body exertion and strain, so I state that I am healthy, versatilely ready for the event and that I don`t have any health restraints or limitations. That I will follow the instructions from the organizer and that I agree with the conditions, instructions and decisions. That I am aware of dangers and risks that might arise with participation on the event and that in case of any damage such as, but not exclusively, physical injuries, bodily injury pain, fear, mental pain and injuries on objects, I will not sue the organizer or ask him to recover any damage or pay me for compensation. That I participate based on my voluntary decision and at my own risk and that the organizer takes no responsibility for any possible damage, direct or indirect, in any kind of form. That the organizer is not responsible for any loss, material damage, other claims, expenses or expenses incurred in connection with my participation in the event. That all data that I voluntarily share with the organizer can be published in the media and on the websites related to the event, including my photographs, film and video recordings, interviews, etc. without the organizer`s or media`s special permission and without expecting any compensation or payment in return.




The organizers will save and use personal data of volunteers according to the Law on the protection of personal data (Uradni list RS, št. 86/2004 and on). With participating, the volunteer allows the organizers to save and use the data in accordance with the purpose of the event.




The organizers can cancel the event and change the timetable or performance program of the event. They can also change the terms and conditions, but they must inform participants and public about any changes on their web page or social platforms.