Frequently Asked Questions

When and where will the festival Smile Ljubljana take place? = )

Festival will take place on 24th of June 2020 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Why the new name – Smile Ljubljana? = )

With Tušev Tek Barv we have made more than 50 thousand people happy and smiley. In the next years we plan to continue making unforgettable smiles, so we named the event SMILE! = )


What will happen at daytime activities?

During the day, different team sports and a surprise that replaces the running part will take place. There will also be different food and promotions available. We will also make sure that there will be a lot of colors and smiles =).


What will happen at nightime activities?

A big musical spectacle with world`s biggest musicians that no festival lover can miss. 


Do I need to be in good physical condition for the sports activities?

NO, because our purpose in to attract all people, even those, who usually don`t play any sports, because our goal is for everyone to have fun and smile = ).


Do you have to pay a registration fee?

YES, to join the event you must buy a ticket. You can find more information in the section – Tickets. 


Will I receive a backpack of surprises?

YES, all participants in the daytime part of the event will receive a SMILE backpack with rich content. 


Is there any age limit?

NO, there is no age limit. Those of you who are over 18 will show your ID at the entrance and get a special additional bracelet that will prove you are over 18. 


Can you buy the ticket on the day of the event?

YES, but we advise you to buy it as soon as possible, because the quantities are limited and can run out until then.


Will there be only cashless system of payment at the event?

YES, on the event, there will be no cash used. You can buy food and drinks with a special festival bracelet on which you can put any amount of money at special refilling stations. You can refill your bracelet with money with a card or cash.


Are the HOLI colors harmful?

NO, the colors are not harmful, because they are made from completely natural organic ingredients. It is also not dangerous if they come into your mouth but we wouldn`t advise it because they don`t taste too good.


Will there be food on the event?

YES, there will be different food and drinks providers at the event. You will be able to pay with special cashless festival bracelets, but you will have to refill it with money first. There will also be some food and drinks promotions at the event so you will be able to get something for free.


Will you be an eco-friendly festival? 

YES, because we will separate trash, reward plastic cup recycling, use organic HOLI colors that are environmentally friendly, and we will not use fireworks or plastic straws. 


Can I come to the event with my car?

YES, you can come to the event with a car because there are different parking spaces in Ljubljana, some also close by. Some of them are free of charge and others you will have to pay.


Can I come to the event with a bus or a train?

YES, we will prepare some special discounts for all event visitors, so you will be able to come to the event cheaper by train or bus.


What if we didn`t answer your question on this page?

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